What's next?

There is already a long list of things I could imagine to add. But the next things planed are...

Translating my (german) article about "How to build a sound-proofed rehearsal room" into english

The feedback that I've got so far from german readers is great. Seems like my primary goal has been reached - to write it in a way that is scientifically right but at the same time understandable by someone without a technical degree. Unfortunately translating it needs a lot of time, especially if I want to do it right. To be honest I prefer to spend my spare time developing new tools. That's why I will let somebody else translate the article. I added a donation button and all money donated will be spent completely on the translation! 3eur per user would mean this first milestone would be reached in 2 days ;) But don't be afraid, there are other things that I do by myself and I will do them for free like...

A user-driven "global positioning service" for shops that sell products, necessary for building great room acoustics

What's the next thing you need after you have learned how to improve your rooms acoustics? Right, you need material.

On facebook and in a lot of other forums people share their experiences where they have bought some product like foam, mineral wool, plasterboard, acousticsally transparent fabrics and so on. I would have loved to have a website full with those infos carried together and maintained by people that do the same when I started to build my room. So I thought when I learn the next framework (for those that are interested in such things: it will be Angular now) I will try to build exactly this. Something where you can search for 'foam 10cm' and get back a list of shops with addresses, distances, prices etc. And when you find some better price that is not in the list you can simply add it. Do you think it's possible to organize group purchases online? I don't know. maybe we can find it out. Let me know what you think! In any case, let me know if something like this exists and I just don't know. I have a ton of other ideas and I don't want to start with something that is already out there ;).


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