amroc pro is coming!

It happened!

I quit my job to finally have time for the many ideas I have for this website. Sure, to improve amcoustics sustainably I have to earn money with it. But fear not; I still intend to keep a lot of content available for free!

I'm looking forward to building new tools and features. For a small amount of money you will get more value and the knowledge that you support the improvement of that value.

And the first improvement will be:

amroc pro

The current version of amroc is, like every online room mode calculator, only capable of calculating simple rectangular rooms. amroc pro will change this constraint. It will contain an extremely easy interface to model your space in 3D. When you are ready, you click some fancy "calculate" button, your model is sent to my servers, and the magic happens with the help of the finite element method.

Such calculations have always been tedious and/or expensive; amroc pro will change that for you.

Status: Public Beta Release (last updated: September 05)

I hope, I am just days away from the first public release!

This first version will be basic ("beta"). But I don't want to spend too much time building something that is not publicly available. So I release this minimum viable product and will prioritize the next features depending on your feedback. And I am so looking forward to that!!

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