amroc pro is coming!

It happened!

I really enjoyed my job but it bothered me to not have time for the many ideas I have for this website. So I quit my job late last year. This step is risky, but you only live once :)

Unfortunately, the donation buttons (find them on the top right ;)) are hardly ever used. Still, after quitting my job, I have to earn money with amcoustics now. But fear not; I still intend to keep today's content available for free!

Advertising will be a way to make some money. Still, most of all, I'm looking forward to building tools that are so unique and helpful that you'll be willing to buy me a coffee in return. Maybe even a coffee a month.

And my first experiment in this direction is ...

amroc pro

The current version of amroc is, like every online room mode calculator, only capable of calculating simple rectangular rooms. amroc pro will change this constraint. It will contain an extremely easy interface to model your space in 3D. When you are ready, you click some fancy "calculate" button, your model is sent to my servers, and the magic happens with the help of the finite element method.

Such calculations have always been tedious and/or expensive; amroc pro will change that for you.

Here are some screenshots from my prototype.

Closed Pre Release

I want to start with just a few users as soon as I have the prototype online. If you are interested in being part of this new, more accessible era of computational acoustics as quickly as possible, contact me and tell me something about you and why you want to be an early adopter. Including people who write articles or create videos would be incredibly cool. So if you are a creator, please feel wholeheartedly invited to be a part of the journey early on.

Offical Release

I have yet to determine an exact date. Please subscribe to the newsletter to get notified.

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I want to keep amcoustics free for hobby acousticians while increasing the value for professionals!

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