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Who I am

Andreas Melcher
... an enthusiastic software developer from vienna/austria with a love for acoustics. I use my spare time to learn new development technologies by creating tools that help the acoustics, music loving and audio engineering community. The purpose of this site is to finally give back to the awesome world wide web of givers. That being said I don’t find any purpose in earning money by collecting and selling your private data somehow. If I collect data then there is some (technical) reason for that (see below). I will also collect as little data as possible because less data means less responsibility. And I want to focus on building great tools.

What personal data I collect and why


I collect email addresses to be able to inform users when I have updated the website with something worth mentioning like a new acoustics calculator. The only required field you have to fill out is the email address. This is technically necessary to send an email newsletter. Besides the email address you can add your “acoustical interest” and your country (have a look). I added those to be able to decide whether a specific update is interesting for you or not.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to track visitors on this site. This helps me to see how many people use my tools, from what country they are coming from and if they use a desktop or a mobile device. Seeing how people are using my website is the only real revenue that I have at the moment. I have setup google analytics to process data anonymously and data sharing is disabled as well. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect its data. Cookies are little text files that are stored in your browser. You can delete those cookies at any time. I don’t use other services in combination with Google Analytics cookies.

Why Google Analytics:

Imagine you invest hundreds of hours in building tools. Sure they are starting to feel like your little kids. You want a kid to prosper. Google Analytics is simply the easiest way to see how my cute little babies do.
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