amcoustics.com is built and maintained by me, Andreas Melcher.

I am a developer based in Europe/Vienna who is very passionate about:

  • Acoustics
  • Software development
  • Everything future related
This page started around 2004 as my spare-time project to:
  • Give back to the www of givers
  • Learn new programming languages and frameworks
Over time two things have grown
  • The number of visitors
  • My list of ideas for tools, features, and articles
As it bothered me to not have time to improve the website, I decided to leave my job and invest even more time and passion into amcoustics.com with beginning of 2023, aiming to generate income from it. I aspire to transform amcoustics into a sustainable project, allowing me to make a living from it to further enhance the website itself.

Feel free to contact me, subscribe to my newsletter or instagram or have a look here if you feel like amcoustics.com deserves more content or attention.


Andreas Melcher

Enenkelstrasse 11/60
A-1160 Vienna / Austria / Europe

+43 660 341 31 36

VAT: ATU64191234

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