A future with ads on amcoustics.com

Beginning in Dec 2022, I will start to place ads on amcoustics.com.
In a nutshell
  • Your products/services can be of great interest to my users

    • Best: room mode mitigation and sustainable acoustic elements
    • Nice: Other acoustic elements and services
    • Let's see: anything else audio/acoustics related
  • You provide a banner

    300 x 250 px seems to be the most used banner format at the moment. So I plan to start with this size.
  • You pay per 1000 impressions

    You decide for
    • the geographic regions your banner gets displayed in
    • your max budget
    I'm currently doing my research on a fair CPM (cost per mille)
More about the what and how and why (and why not)

Which ads?

All of my users are interested in room acoustics. Most of them are searching for help with small room acoustics.

room mode mitigation

amcoustics.com, especially my room mode calculator, has been the top google result for years. So pretty much everyone interested in room modes visits amcoustics.com.

If you have anything to show to people interested in room modes, amcoustics.com is probably the best place in the world to place your ad.

Sustainable room acoustics

I am very interested in sustainability and want to use my website to inform people about the possibilities that are out there when it comes to acoustics.

Anything else

My focus is on the above topics. If you try to reach these target groups, you and my users will profit the most.

I picture it as a pyramid. The top is small. In relation to the total world population, not many people are interested in room modes. But you will reach nearly everyone worldwide interested in room modes on amcoustics.com. The bottom of the pyramid is bigger, meaning that a more extensive part of the world's population is interested in the product. But there are also increasingly more sites on which you could place your ad. And the chance to bore precisely MY users increases.

So let's discuss your ideas and how the value can be the greatest for you and my users.

How this will work

I am working hard to make the content on amcoustics.com feel balanced between correct, easy, fun, and high-quality. I thought about this quite a bit and have decided not to let the usual ad providers place arbitrary ads in between. Being a heavy internet user myself, I know that all that spam decreases joy and receptiveness. It simply would interfere with what I want amcoustics to feel.

That's why I want to

  • talk directly with the companies to ensure ads are relevant and make sense for all sides.
  • provide the necessary features to let companies easily decide for time, region, cost, ... of their ads.

Yes, this is much more work, maybe it's less money, but it feels right. And in the end, it's just about how it feels ;).

Ads → why now?

I have provided tools and knowledge on the subject of acoustics for many years. The content has always been free of charge and ads.

This spare time project is about learning and giving back to the world wide web of givers. But while the tasks and responsibilities in my professional career grew, my spare time for this website imploded.

The problem with this:
I have never stopped thinking about and writing down ideas for amcoustics.com. As my lists with potential calculators, articles, and services prosper, it more and more feels like an increasing gap between my creativity and my day-to-day contribution to the world.

That's why I plan to take a break from being the lead developer for cool projects and start to be everything for even cooler projects.

To sustain this transition, I increasingly believe that placing advertisements (the right way) makes a lot of sense for amcoustics.com as a monetization starting point.

  • It's an easy way to partner with (relevant) companies.
  • Relevant advertising can be like good news. I still don't want spam on my page, but I will start to allow good news.