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How to build a sound-proofed rehearsal room

This article is based on my thesis for music science and describes the scientific fundamentals of sound insulation and room acoustics firstly in general and then by taking a specific project into account. A room in room construction is built in a room with a floor area of 30m2 and a height of 4,8m. Efforts are being made to get maximum sound insulation also at bass frequencies at lowest possible material costs. The main focus lies on a lot of mass, flexible materials and lowest possible resonant frequencies for the inner layer and its flanking paths. It is meant to be both a summary of today's knowledge after extensive literature research and a best practice guide for similar projects such as rehearsal or recording rooms.

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What are Room Modes?

  • Why are they so bad?
  • How to tackle them?

In this article I try to explain all about the most difficult problem to solve in small room acoustics.

If you still have open questions after reading it, send me your questions and I will try to update the article.

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