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I decided against letting you chose own login credentials for amcoustics.com. Instead you can use existing accounts to also login on my site. This means one password less to remember for you and one less crucial thing (your credentials) to protect for me.

Another nice thing for you is, that you have one central place where you can see and manage your apps and websites that you use.
For facebook you can find it at https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications,
for google it's at https://myaccount.google.com/permissions

The technique used to login at those login providers is called 'OAuth'. It is not possible for me to read your credentials! Nor is it possible to read anything else from your account that you don't allow. Different ID providers allow me (amcoustics.com) to read different things after you have logged in. Sometimes it includes a name, sometimes an email adress. In principal I will always ask for the least rights possible, as I only need something to detect that you are someone that for example saved a room size in amroc - the room mode calculator.
In principal it should not be a problem to add other ID providers as well. I simply don't know what is commonly used in different parts of the world. Just tell me.

Things you will be able to do when logged in

There is no additional value in logging in yet!

I already activated this feature to allow people helping me test this important feature for future tools. As you probably already know (as you read additional texts like this), amcoustics.com is a spare time one man show. I simply can't effort to test a lot of different devices. So feel free to login and please tell me if you spot problems!

Hopefully soon you will be able to:

The content of my next tools will hopefully be filled by users all over the world. Such a community needs returning users and returning users need a login.

If you want to get informed when I release new acoustics tools, feel free to add your email here.